PICT Training

The next PICT training course begins in September 2016
– applications are being received and interviews for places being allocated

The training is delivered over 18 days, divided into 9 x 2-day modules,   Modules are held monthly, on two consecutive days over one weekend

PICT integrates imagery rescripting, TA and NLP to facilitate resolution of a wide range of issues.  Originally developed for the resolution of childhood abuse, it has since proven effective for a much broader range of problems – including depression, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, eating disorders and more. For practitioners working in the field of trauma it presents a complete model for working with clients gently, compassionately and effectively; for practitioners working with Axis I or II disorders, it offers a toolbox of techniques to support achievement of client goals. Moreover, as a model that incorporated imagery rescripting more than 20 years ago – it offers a unique opportunity to develop those skills with ease, confidence, and a depth of understanding

Please email for a syllabus, application form, and further information: cornerstoneintegratedtherapy@gmail.com

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