PICT Training & Diploma


PICT integrates imagery rescripting, CBT, TA and NLP to facilitate resolution of a wide range of issues. Originally developed for the resolution of childhood abuse, it has since proven effective for a much broader range of problems – including depression, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, eating disorders and more.

For practitioners working in the field of trauma it presents a complete model for working with clients gently, compassionately and effectively; for practitioners working with Axis I or II disorders, it offers a toolbox of techniques to support achievement of client goals. Moreover, as a model that incorporated imagery rescripting more than 20 years ago – it offers a unique opportunity to develop those skills with ease, confidence, and a depth of understanding.

The Diploma is delivered over 18 days, divided into 9 x 2-day modules.
Modules are held monthly, on two consecutive days over one weekend

Please *email for further information or a syllabus to: cornerstoneintegratedtherapy@gmail.com, or to pict.enquiry@gmail.com

2-day PICT Workshops include teaching on the effects and legacy of abuse, trauma resolution, and rescripting interventions for working with unhealthy and limiting beliefs. Workshops are held in the London/Surrey area, and can also be booked by professional groups or organisations.

Pause for thought…

I have led and delivered training in Parks Inner Child Therapy, including the PICT Diploma, since 2009. It has been my privilege to see the healing and empowering effects of PICT in the lives of clients, as well as its profound impact on professionals over the years. Appointed Training Lead by Penny Parks, it was my privilege to support her prior to her death in the summer of 2020. We lost an awesome talent and a remarkable innovator; I lost a great friend, advocate and encourager.

It is my hope that PICT will continue to evolve, to touch lives – personal and professional – and to maintain its standing for resolving the legacies of trauma with empathy and excellence. I regret I am not able to offer information about future courses currently, but will provide updated information here when possible.

“Lindsay is a really good trainer. She believes wholeheartedly in the PICT therapy model because of the results she consistently achieves using the model with her clients and that easily comes across. She is very thorough and offers detailed explanations, and also uses metaphors and analogies well. She mixes in compassion, understanding for individual challenges, and humour while guiding the whole cohort. She sometimes asks challenging questions of the cohort, either as a whole or as individuals, to encourage growth.

It was a real pleasure doing my training with Lindsay” – BP

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