Protecting your personal information

I am committed to your wellbeing, and that includes ensuring my practice is GDPR compliant.  I am registered with the ICO, and have a privacy statement available for clients and supervisees.

Please be aware: when you contact me I may confidentially store your contact details, and any information shared for a limited period.

Depending on how you have contacted me, (email/phone/via website), information may be stored either on my password protected computer or smartphone.  If we speak on the phone, I may ask your permission to make notes that will help me satisfy your enquiry; I will take precautions to ensure your identity is protected.

Any information shared will only be stored for as long as necessary, which may be until:

  1. I have satisfied your enquiry;
  2. At the end of a specified time period indicated on our Therapy/Supervision Agreement at the outset of therapy/supervision.

On removal, all information will be disposed of confidentially

For training enquiries, your details will not be stored, unless you specifically ask me to keep your information to let you know about further training opportunities or events.

If you want to share personal or confidential information, please send an email to this address: in a separate message.