I enjoy supervision, and work collaboratively with supervisees.  I aim to support and enable them to offer effective treatment whilst developing professionally. I have many years of experience on which to draw, and I’ve taken extensive training in supervision to equip me.  With a special interest in compassion fatigue and burnout [see Workshops in the Training section], I offer help to professionals wanting to develop personalised, professional ‘habits’ that can create wellbeing and longevity in this caring work.

I equally appreciate working with experienced and novice professionals, and provide supervision to practitioners in the public and private sectors, to therapists, psychologists, counsellors and carers.  I also provide consultancy on pastoral care.

“Lindsay has been a huge support during the early years of my private practice.  I benefit from her passion for learning and compassion for our clients.

She is also well-informed and linked within the profession. Supervision is a highlight of the month, where I enjoy celebrating the successes and exploring collaboratively ways through the challenges my clients present – and those of being in private practice” (JB)


*Email me at:

* Please be aware that your email and details will be received on an access protected computer.  I will need to store such information for a limited period in order to satisfy your inquiry, either until a) you have received the response you need, or b) until the end of an agreed contracted period, for example having begun a supervisory relationship, which would be confirmed in writing.  If you want to share personal or confidential information, please send an email to this address: in a separate message. 

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for information about future training, please let me know, and confirm your willingness for your records to be stored on an access protected system.

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