I enjoy supervision, and work collaboratively with supervisees, offering encouragement and support to help them provide effective treatment whilst developing professionally. I have many years of experience on which to draw, and I’ve taken extensive training in supervision to equip me.

I equally appreciate working with experienced and novice professionals, and provide supervision to practitioners in the public and private sectors, to therapists, psychologists, counsellors and carers.  I also provide consultancy on pastoral care.

With a special interest in compassion fatigue and burnout [please see Workshops in the Training section], I am able to offer insights and guidance to professionals who want to develop personalised, “professional habits” that can create wellbeing and longevity in this caring work.

“Lindsay has been a huge support during the early years of my private practice.  I benefit from her passion for learning and compassion for our clients.

She is also well-informed and linked within the profession. Supervision is a highlight of the month, where I enjoy celebrating the successes and exploring collaboratively ways through the challenges my clients present – and those of being in private practice” (JB)

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