Couples Therapy

Lindsay has completed advanced training in couples therapy (CBCT/DBT with couples) and specialist training in relationship trauma and infidelity, mental health and long-term health difficulties in relationships. 

Couples generally seek therapy because of relationship distress or threats to the stability or security of their relationships.  Issues often include:

  • communication difficulties
  • emotional disengagement and conflict
  • power struggles and problem solving
  • role and value conflicts
  • extramarital relationships and jealousy
  • sexual difficulties
  • parenting difficulties
  • abuse and violence
  • decreasing commitment
  • mental health issues, including depression and anxiety
  • physical health difficulties

Providing emotional support and perspective alongside education and advocacy for each partner is crucial to couples’ goals and outcomes.

Couples Therapy can give partners the opportunity to develop the skills and conditions necessary to improve or repair their relationship.